Valeria Maltoni, Strategist

Valeria Maltoni [@conversationage] is Founder & CEO, Conversation Agent LLC. A linguist, keynote speaker, and author, she focuses on marketing strategy and its effects on business transformation and innovation. She helps global organizations make relationships a key driver of brand value and business growth and created strategic roadmaps and plans for a number of Fortune 500 businesses with multiple brands, revenue streams, and audiences.

Between 1999-2007, Valeria built the Fast Company social network and hosted more than 100 events in Philadelphia to benefit the business community. At Conversation Agent she has been publishing on business, media, and technology change since 2006.

Valeria negotiated an international joint venture to bring new products to market in the U.S., and built equity in two prominent global businesses resulting in successful mergers. Throughout her corporate and consulting career she has worked with prominent global brands, Fortune 500 organizations in financial services, technology, retail eCommerce, Media & Entertainment, and startups addressing technology and lifestyle markets.

She currently serves as Mentor at Venture for America’s new startup accelerator based at First Round Capital’s coworking and community space.

Fluent in several cultures and modes of expression, Valeria earned a doctoral degree in languages from the University of Bologna and a degree in marketing communications from Villanova University.