Valeria Maltoni, Strategist

Handpicked by Fast Company magazine for her particular expertise and ability to augment and amplify its brand footprint, Valeria Maltoni is the strategist a number of Fortune 500 businesses with multiple brands, revenue streams, and audiences rely on for brand value and profitable business growth. Leaders in industries as diverse as media and entertainment, consumer goods, beauty, fashion & style, wellness, publishing, and technology tap Maltoni for her strategic mind and hands-on approach. A future-oriented business resource, she drives the creative execution of integrated marketing and communication programs.

Fluent in several cultures and modes of expression with a keen understanding of how influence flows, Valeria Maltoni works at the intersection of digital technology, human behavior, and brand strategy. Her passion for business shines through when translating market goals into strategic action using learning to build a contextual understanding of brand and its relationships – people and their networks – through a framework built on observation, for orientation to lead to decision and action.

“Imagination, curiosity, and a connective mind that activate in relationship guru, content jujitsu, able forecaster, and insatiable learner form.”


Bragging Rights

A future-oriented leader, Valeria Maltoni integrates her purpose and power to increase certainty and action – giving special attention to relationships, identifying the major vectors of influence, and engaging creative expression. Maltoni is known for integrity, outstanding communications skills, and a consistent record of successfully executing strategic vision to grow enterprise value.

  • Bologna Business School, Guest Professor for Advanced Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Built Social Network for Fast Company and ran 100 Thought Leadership events between 1999-2007
  • Venture for America, Business Advisor for startup accelerator with First Round Capital
  • International MBA at the Fox School of Business Temple University, Strategy Advisor
  • Negotiated an international joint venture to bring and market new products to the US
  • Built equity in two prominent global businesses resulting in profitable acquisitions
  • Designed Strategic Conversations for 3 annual Rendezvous involving 200 clients & lead prospects in the top S&P 500 companies
  • Worked in organizations with business operations in the United States, with strong customer footprints in Europe, and product sourcing in Europe and Asia
  • Conducted more than 1,200 hours of simultaneous interpreting and translation work
  • Keynote Speaker for a number of international events and conferences
  • Published Author at, and Learning Habit weekly
  • Authored articles for Communication World magazine, Industria Clandestina, Fast Company
  • Introduction to “Working and Writing in Groups” – Ohio State University Prof. Locker’s Business and Administrative Communications, 6/e (2003, McGraw-Hill)