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Success today means tapping into evolving knowledge and insights, and doing some deeper thinking on how to trade and compete.

Everyone from the stock market to social media pundits is looking to broker your relationships and how close your assets are to value.

If you’re looking to take control of your promises, to identify what you have and what you should start doing more of to make better promises and realize the value of your trade, the Conversation Agent Premium Newsletter is designed to help businesses do just that.

Conversation Agent Premium NewsletterThrough a combination of data, information, and analysis, it connects the dots to help you build a path to meaningful trade that will make your business stronger, more resilient and enduring.

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What you get

Each monthly issue, you will get a main thinking piece on business with analysis of data and information and observations and insights about trends. In support of the main theme, additional resources, special event promotions, and gifts will keep you in touch with a growing community of savvy business leaders, researchers, and peers.

Past issues have included articles and resources on the following topics and questions:

  • Does word of mouth marketing work?
  • Why next generation CEOs need to understand marketing
  • Advanced advertising: more pull less push
  • Interactive marketing US forecast
  • What makes quantifying quality important for business
  • Automation software and tool selection process
  • Creating more value than you capture

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The Premium Newsletter is for a self-selected group of business leaders who want to understand how to use their business model more effectively to close the promise/delivery gap and become higher trust brands.

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What people are saying about the Premium Newsletter

Anne SoresenVia her blog, Conversation Agent, Valeria Maltoni has long provided regular, insightful and useful posts about connection, strategy and new media applying her extensive experience as marketing strategist working with hundreds of organisations in a range of sectors.

And now Valeria has extended her bountiful offering to a Premium monthly newsletter which provides in-depth thoughts on several topics.

I look forward to receiving it every month as the content is always balanced, considered and well researched. Perhaps the greatest value for me though, is that Valeria continues to challenge and develop my own thoughts and information about strategy – something I greatly value – and the ideas of which, I can apply in my business.

It’s a must read for all of us in the marketing sphere or anyone wanting to go deeper on a topic – something not akin to the sometimes superficial world of social media.

The Premium newsletter is real food for thought which should be digested every month.

Anne Sorensen, Strategist
Marketing Is Us

Tim KastelleValeria is one of the best thinkers around right now in the world of business. Her blog provides a consistently high level of insight into how things do and should work. The newsletter that she writes is particularly useful. It distills the ideas that she has engaged with recently and identifies a handful of the most important ones. In a time when we are overwhelmed by information and new ideas, a resource like this, where you are basically guaranteed to find something of interest, is of tremendous value. I highly recommend Valeria’s newsletter.

Tim Kastelle, Senior Lecturer
Innovation Management, UQ Business School, The University of Queensland

Although I write the software I sell to users wanting the best Mac productivity apps, I don’t need nor do I use the latest computers, gadgets and techie tools to do it. They wouldn’t even improve the way I stay in touch with my customers and keep them happy. I need Valeria’s Premium Newsletter and Newsletter Bonus to do that. Her writing gives me specific tips, fundamental philosophies and the seedlings of creative ways to apply them. There’s enough meat and inspiration in the newsletter that injecting one idea from them every quarter into your organization will put you among the top tier in your niche. To adopt at least three, so they’re fully engrained in your DNA and the way your team thinks about and interacts with your customers, should give you the kind of rabid fans and fierce customer loyalty that Apple has enjoyed and helped it’s stock more than quadruple in less than three years.

You can wait for me and other subscribers to implement some of the insights we’ve gleaned from The Premium Newsletter, and try to figure out how to make it work for you. Or you can subscribe for yourself and discover which ones will best help you relate to and respond to your customers and be prepared by the time we are. Unless you’re one of my competitors, I hope you see the wisdom in choosing the latter.

Alfonso Guerra, Founder/CEO
Apokalypse Software Corp.