Valeria’s speaking topics

A visual and engaging storyteller, Valeria has extensive experience speaking in front of large groups as well as in more focused settings on a wide variety of formats. From keynotes to panel conversations, the talk creates interaction with the audience.

Current topics: (For a custom topic, see below)


Children feel the excitement of learning more strongly than the fear of the unknown. For adults the balance is reversed: we stop learning when we’re afraid of leaving the safety of what we know.

To get what we want – individuals and organizations – we need to commit to change—to immerse ourselves in new experiences. Make learning through experience a habit: a continuous process of commitment. When you make learning a habit, you connect with your inner child and discover new opportunities. Learn how to:

  • make space for learning by letting go of habits that aren’t serving you well
  • ask for help and trust the learning process
  • experiment to discover what works for you

Attendees will leave this talk with specific techniques they can use to experiment with continuous learning and unlock new opportunities.

This talk is based on a lifelong pursuit of learning — see for example How to Become a Conversation Agent and 2021: Uploading Humanism — and is a pre-quel to custom WorkLab experiences designed to help teams build understanding, shape choices, create alignment, and generate insight to help organization move forward.


Understanding the importance of Identity on the web, and how to harness visual / text content and social interaction to create experiences that deliver value, grow brands. Areas of focus:

  • The evolution to current landscape
  • A discussion of what makes content as product important
  • A review of the business opportunities created by this trend
  • An overview of relevant examples and key players
  • The role and impact of culture to success

Attendees will leave this talk with a good grasp of the significance of content to business in general and product/service specifically, and a framework to evaluate new opportunities.

This talk is based on a twelve-year immersion in digital transformation work and the strong body of work exemplified in How Technology is Transforming the Career Market, How Marketing must Evolve to Build Brands in Digital, The Next Web: Are we Talking about Me Yet? Three Areas of Opportunity with (Social) Content,The Million Dollar Content Question, Content is Bigger than Google.


My rates are exclusive of expenses. I would be delighted to prepare an engaging experience for a custom topic based on your event theme.


Include transportation from/to Philadelphia, one-to-two night lodging (based on location), plus incidentals.